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Captain: Jane Chalk
Vice Captain: Charlotte Hazelhurst

Jaguars formed originally from ‘back to netball’ in 2008.

Now a fabulous squad of 11 having lost and gained some amazing players over the years.

Surviving several injuries over the last winter and summer league we are back on form and raring to go.

As captain l am proud to announce we have for the first time an umpire to support us in this winter league. Kirsty Catherell qualified this summer 😀

We are one big happy, supportive family that like to celebrate all our achievements (we will get a team photo on court one day) with one aim this season...

                                                        To win.

                                                    Let’s go girls

Home Ground:  Bancroft Recreation Ground, Bancroft , Hitchin

Home Night: Wednesday

Match Time: 7:30pm
Colours: Blue/Grey
Bibs: Blue or Green
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