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Shelly Drakes

August 17, 2017

Shelly Drakes won the Administrators Award.  the award is presented to a deserving, recipient who gives up their free time to sit on committees, organising, writing, instructing on rules, fixtures, social events, all of those little things that largely go unnoticed but make it so much easier for us to rock up and play netters, Shelly for reasons only  she will understand has sat on the heritage committee in various guises for so long I believe her first set on minutes was on a chalkboard. 

Lou Brown

August 17, 2017

Our very special Heritage League Chair, trainer, umpire, and all round good egg Lou Brown won the Nancy Morris award. Nancy Morris was the driving force behind the Bedfordshire County Netball Association. What a fabulous legacy. The Heritage League have a very close affiliation to the association. 

Jan Woods

August 17, 2017

Finally the Long Service Award. 

Again, a well deserved award given to a person who also sits on the Heritage committee and has umpired for more years than I think she would like to admit. Jan always has a quick remark at meetings to keep us giggling! 

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